Happy Friday everyone!! I pulled the trigger and published my second book! This 150-page novella is the perfect read for Halloween! I'm super proud of this project, and am excited to announce it's available for PRE-ORDER TODAY!  Don't have a Kindle e-reader? No problem. You can download Kindle Cloud reader to your laptop or desktop!

When snarky college student, Rory Halstead, witnesses a crime on campus, he must go to extreme measures to overcome his neurological disability and help police identify the suspect before a girl is murdered and Rory is pinned for it. 

Witnessing a violent crime and abduction, giving a statement to police, testifying in court... these are all hard enough as it is. But due to Split-Brain Syndrome, Rory is neurologically incapable of verbalizing what he saw that night. The real mystery is stuck inside his own brain, unable to escape. Rory grows desperate to help prove his innocence and find the girl. But time is running out.

What happened that night? Who did Rory see? Not even he can tell you. You'll have to read for yourself!

Pre-order your copy and have it auto-delivered to your Kindle device on October 27th.