What You Don't Know About "Severed"


My latest book, Severed, tells the story of snarky college student, Rory Halstead, and how he reverses an irreversible neurological disability to save a girl's life. This is one of my favorite stories because Rory's voice gave me so much freedom in my writing! He was full of inappropriate jokes and sarcasm, which balanced out the drama-thriller components of the book. In the end, you had a very realistic situation with a very rare protagonist.

Fun Facts:
1. The main character, Rory, has split-brain syndrome, one of many possible side effects of a corpus callosotomy

2. A corpus callosotomy is a surgical procedure for the treatment of epilepsy. It's rarely used today, but it's still an option for many people who can't control seizures with medication alone. In this procedure the membrane connecting the two halves of the brain is cut in an effort to limit the spread of epileptic activity between the two halves (wikipedia ftw)

3. Like Rory's head, the story is told in 2 halves: alternating chapters of Now and Then. You can actually split the book up into NOW chapters, and THEN chapters, and it will read like 2 different books. Kinda freaky and one of my proudest nerd achievements. 

Behind the Book:
The ultimate question for us as writers, is always "what would would happen if _____?" For me, that question popped up right in the middle of my cognitive neuroscience class in college. I was a psychology major and was a little nervous about a super sciency class, but to this day, it's the best class I've ever taken. If ever get tired of writing, I'm getting my PhD in neuroscience y'all. It's fascinating, and I wanted to nerd out so hard in this book, but I had to rein it in or else it would've turned into a textbook. Still, I felt compelled to add an Author Note at the end of the book to acknowledge the discrepancies between fact and fiction in Rory's story. Check it out at the end of the book!

It's Unlike Anything Else:
This book could not be more different than False River, so many of you may be expecting more of the same. Nope! This story takes place over two years- we see Rory as a 18, 19, and 20-year-old. He's snarky and rude and definitely not the self-deprecating, pitiful mope that Joe Lawson had a tendency to be (but who doesn't love their own pity party??). Severed is my first novella, only 150-pages long. It's the perfect thing to download onto your Kindle on a rainy Sunday. You could finish it faster than a pot of coffee!

This is just a teeny peek into what writers put into their stories. It's a labor of love, but totally worth it when readers connect to worlds and characters you've built. If you don't have Kindle, no worries. You can download a free Kindle Reader app to your computer or smartphone. And the book is only $3.99!! Thanks for following along and I hope you enjoy Severed!