Writing Services

See below for a listing of the current services I offer. I aim to bring quality feedback, and help make your hard work the best it can be. Contact me to get started!

Sensitivity Reading: $.002 per word, capped at $150.00

Best for completed, beta-ready manuscripts. I'll provide detailed feedback on character development and relevant facts/issues. I specialize in the following areas: counseling skills, psychodiagnosis (DSM-V), developmental psychopathology, child and family issues, trauma (physical and psychological), PTSD, anxiety and depression, eating disorders, issues of suicide, neurological disorders, and persons with disabilities (physical and psychological).

As a licensed counselor, I attend 20+ hours of continuing education each year to maintain licensure. I am up to date on the latest mental health trends, research, and evidence based practices. I've worked with children, teens, families, couples, college students, and adults. 

Manuscript Consult: $25

Best for WIPs. I'll provide a 1-hour phone call or video chat to help answer your questions about sensitivity issues in your manuscript. In my experience, it's best to go into the draft with a basic concept of the sensitivity issues your story will present. This consultation can also include tips and business resources for indie authors including formatting help, and cover design referral.

Manuscript Critique: $50

I'll read your completed manuscript, and provide a brief feedback overview of structure, character development, and pacing.

I'm an avid reader and writer, and experienced in beta reading and critiquing. I'm the co-organizer of my local writers group in Georgia, and regularly provide feedback in the online writing community. I also take in conferences and workshops to better my skills as a writer and reviewer.