Our New Home!

My soul is full of longing
for the secret of the sea,
and the heart of the great ocean
sends a thrilling pulse through me.

― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I had a dream we were moving to Portland, Maine. OH WAIT! That's my real life now. My husband, Tyler, just finished his final year of medical school, and now it's full-steam ahead to his residency placement. We're absolutely thrilled to spend the next three years in a 14-square-foot apartment right on the coast. Portland is a dream adventure of ours (we honeymooned there six years ago)!

 At Bug Light in Portland, ME in 2012

At Bug Light in Portland, ME in 2012

 Tears of happiness on Match Day!

Tears of happiness on Match Day!

But turns out, you gotta pay for some dreams... 
We would never ask for money outright without offering something in return, so in exchange for ANY donation amount, I'm giving FREE query letter critiques or feedback on your first 10 pages (choose your own adventure).

We'd love to send everyone (writer or otherwise) a postcard from the gorgeous harbor town of Portland as a sincere thank you for supporting me and my family.

ABOUT ME: I'm an editorial intern for a NY Literary Agent, and work exclusively with fiction. Both queries for my two YA manuscripts have resulted in full requests. I'm also a freelance editor at UpWork. I have several short stories published in various online magazines, and am a self-published novelist on Amazon. Most of my experience is with YA of all genres, but I'm game for anything you want to send. I look forward to reading more, and thank you again! Who knows? Maybe Stephen King and I will become bff's ;)

If you'd like a free critique, please donate below, then click here to tell me about your project and which service you prefer.


It's come to my attention that the Donate button above only works for folks in the US? Don't know why, but if you're in the UK and would like to donate in exchange for an editorial service, please email me at hgreedauthor@gmail.com or Contact Me. I can send you a same-day PayPal invoice for a donation amount of your choosing. So easy!

The query critique was very helpful. She gave me great advice to tighten up my query and also helped me work out some genre concerns I had about my novel.
— Sam L.