False River


Adult - supernatural - 316 pages

For over ten years, the devil has had her claws in Joe's mind, body, and soul. But the power of choice can set him free...with a little help. When angelic farmhands arrive on the orchard to lend their aid, Joe must risk it all to save his family, or else fall into the devil's wicked trap yet again.

Set between the sodden riverbanks of Louisiana and the wooded peaks of the North Georgia Mountains, False River tells the story of Joe Lawson and his fight to overcome the sins of the father. But how far does the apple really fall?


The pacing and storytelling is brilliant... I highly recommend False River. It’s one of the best indie books I’ve read this year, and you won’t be disappointed!
— Book Monkey
Reed does a great job creating wonderful characters and charming dialog. Those two things can make or break a novel for me, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.
— Whitney M.
The Devil Went Down to Georgia with a gender flip. Red lips, apple trees, and angels in a southern town rooted with deals with the devil made False River a fun summer read.
— Nicole O.
False River is the BEST book that I have read this year! I liked that it was spiritually thought provoking and made me wonder what I would sacrifice, for the life of the person that I love most.
— Amazon Customer Review